Daniel McLaughlin

Daniel McLaughlin

Founder and Chief Technologist

About Us

MCL Services was established in 2014 by Daniel after over a decade of working with some of the worlds largest companies, in the global energy sector, names like BP, Shell and others.

After having been responsible for the overall operation of systems managing over $100Bn (yes, 100 followed by 9 0’s) of spend every year, Daniel realised he could take this experience and knowledge and apply it to make life better for smaller businesses. Businesses where every penny counts and where local jobs can be created and maintained for local people.

The team at MCL Services is made up of multi-disciplinary experts, covering all of our key services, from hosting web applications, networking and IP telephony, as well as cybersecurity and certifications. When a customer needs assistance in an area that is outside our expertise, we have built up an array of contacts across multiple industries that we can engage to aid our clients: for example forensic accounting, public relations, crisis management, HR consultants, and digital marketing experts.

Headquartered in Northern Ireland, MCL Services are placed to provide a range of expert services to organisations around the globe, with our primary customer base in the UK and Ireland. Because of our location, our core datacentre has a direct connection to Project Kelvin, providing high-speed, reliable and resilient connectivity to the US, the UK and the rest of Europe.

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