Examples of our Work


Disaster Class to Masterclass

A customer was experiencing connection problems on their network at their head office. This was affecting all parts of their business, not just the people located in that building.

We helped them by replacing their old network switches. They had reached the end of their life and were often failing. Our new managed switches, meant the customer could separate their office and trainee networks without having to run two physical networks. This made sure that only the right people have access to business critical services, when they need it.

Cable routing and management makes things easier to see and work on for anyone who has to work on the equipment later – whether that is us, or in this case their co-managed IT support. This also allowed the customer to properly secure their network rack. Previously the door would not close and could not be locked.

It is also an example of how we work in the rest of our business where things may not be as visual.

File Sharing Solved

A customer with users across the globe was having difficulty sharing files with team members. They didn’t like OneDrive and Dropbox did not meet their needs for security and data protection requirements.

We deployed a dedicated Nextcloud instance for them, provisioned over 1TB of SSD-backed storage in our datacentre and helped them migrate from a combination of Sharepoint, local machines and some file shares that were spread across the organisation.

Our solution allowed them to better meet their customer needs by providing a secure portal for file sharing, as well as areas where customers can drop files that their software developers need to improve the products they delivered. Additional value was achieved from the collaboration tools, secure password sharing, integration with their office applications and live-editing tools.

All of this was delivered from our ISO-27001 certified datacentre located in Northern Ireland, allowing us to meet the organisations EU GDPR requirments, as well as being suitable for delivering their services across the globe on 5 different continents.