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Running a business can be expensive, every employee has costs associated with them, some of them you may not even realise.

We want to make doing business as safe and as predictable as possible. To do this, we have a fixed price per employee per month that covers everything that most employees need.

We don’t believe in hidden charges, we’ll be honest with you about what you need and what we can provide. We’ve put together our package with what we think every business should be doing right now and in the future when things change, we’ll change with it. If you need something that isn’t in our standard package, don’t worry, we can customise it to suit your needs.

What’s Included


Different employees will have different needs, for example, a graphic designer will require significantly different hardware than your financial controller. We make sure that the right people, have the right hardware, at the right time.


All of our customers get an Office365 email account, which has 50GB of email storage, access to Sharepoint, Teams and all of the other Microsoft365 apps. As a Microsoft partner we’re your first port of call for support, but can also leverage the entire Microsoft support network if we can’t solve your problem.
If you already have GSuite/Google Workplace we can either help you transition to Office365, or stay where you are.

Email Signatures

Companies run on email, imagine being able to make sure that a consistent message is displayed to your clients and prospects every time an email is sent out, you can even have seasonal messages displayed, or have different messages for emails coming from different business units. Our software eliminates the risk of an employee sending a potential client to the wrong location because they mistyped a link in their signature, or having wildly different signatures from people in the same department. They will even get signatures applied automatically to emails sent from their mobile devices.

Windows Enterprise &
Office licenses

You can always be sure that your employees aren’t missing out on new features and the improved security that comes with every new version of Microsoft Windows and Office – our software package automatically entitles you to upgrades to the latest versions of both Windows and Office, at no extra charge.

Malware & Ransomware

Centrally managed and monitored Anti-Malware and Endpoint Detection and Response, our next-generation anti-malware solution helps protect your organisation from malware, ransomware and attacks that attempt to get access via network vulnerabilities. We create automatic, tamper-proof backups of user files without using shadow copies – an older, well-known method that is now also targeted as part of ransomware threats.

Dark Web

You can protect your own website and infrastructure, but sadly, the services that you interact with are often targets of compromise. We include dark web monitoring for all of your domains so that if any of your employee credentials are found on the dark web, you will be informed of it and can take appropriate action.

Threat Monitoring

In combination with our anti-malware solution, we provide a 24/7 security operations centre, where we use machine learning and heuristic analysis to protect you from both known as well as new threats. We don’t just rely on computers and artificial intelligence, our security engineers are constantly monitoring new user behaviours and investigating any new threats that are identified. If a breach were to happen, our software isolates the affected device and one of our security engineers begins remediating the problem as well as carrying out a forensic style investion to identify where the threat originated from, how it entered the system and what it did before it was removed.

Phishing Protection &
Ongoing Training

Employees are the weakest point in any organisations security, they are only human after all! Our email security software takes care of most of the threats that your employees are likely to encounter, our artifical intelligence platform can also detect threats from within the organisation from compromised accounts, alerting the targeted user with a clear warning that this may be an attack. To make sure that they are less likely to fall foul of phishing attacks that slip through the net, or someone impersonating one of your executives, we provide monthly training videos (they’re only 2-6 minutes long) so they are kept up to date with the latest methods that the hackers are using, as well as regular phishing tests to see how they handle real world scenarios and if they may need additional hands on training with one of our experts.


Did you know that none of the major cloud email providers (Microsoft and Google) take backups of your emails and files stored in their services? It’s a shock to most organisations that they are expected to make sure that they have adequate protection in place. We make sure that all your data is safe, not just your email, because we cover all parts of the Microsoft365 platform. It’s backed up twice a day (if you need more frequent backups, we can do this too) to 2 geographically separate locations, our ISO27001 secure datacentre and also to a secondary location that is appropriate to your data protection needs.

Management & Support

Every organisation that deals with data on people living in the EU must adhere to the General Data Protection Regulations, or GDPR. We make sure that you meet or exceed your obligations needs by having all of your evidence of compliance in one place. But that’s not the end of it, we also carry out regular comprehensive risk assessments and provide customised remediation plans where you may be falling short. Reducing your security risks can reduce your cyber-insurance premiums, and making sure that your “due care” security requirements are maintained helping to avoid any expensive denied claims.

All You Can Eat

We do everything that we can to ensure that we fix potential problems before they impact on your business, but obviously this isn’t always possible. When your staff need help, we’re there to help them with their problem. We solve 95% of reported issues on the first contact, whether that is phone, email or using our helpdesk web portal.

In the event of a security related incident, our Security Operations Centre is on hand around the clock to ensure your systems are as safe as possible and that the appropriate action is taken to contain and eliminate the threat.

Web Protect

With the significant increase in remote working and compromised websites, we help make sure that your employees are safe wherever they are, and if a trusted site is compromised, that they are not at risk when they visit it.

Access to the internet can also be restricted to reduce the risk of data loss or users attempting to bypass controls preventing them from using personal emails at work and potentially sending sensitive data with an unapproved method. It can also control the content that users can view on your device, preventing lost time due to viewing Netflix or similar when they should be working.


We help your organisation protect its employees, customers and stakeholders by developing a robust, bespoke set of policies, tailored to your business needs. This covers most things your organisation needs, from ethics to pandemic response planning – if you’re in a regulated market, for instance, financial services, we can help ensure you are compliant with the appropriate legislation there as well.

Password Manager

Everyone knows that writing down passwords is bad, but people do it anyway. It’s difficult to remember all those different usernames and passwords, especially as no-one uses the same password in multiple places….right?

Our password manager integrates directly with your web browser, keeps your passwords safe and makes sure that you don’t need to remember anything except a single password to log on to your computer.

Quarterly Business Review/
Annual Strategy Meetings

As a business owner, you will know what your business needs right now as well as the direction that you want it to go in. During our quarterly business review, we look at the previous quarter’s performance, how many problems were solved or averted, how satisfied your staff were with their technology and anywhere that improvements are needed, and checking in to make sure that everyone is pulling in the right direction for the business.

In the annual strategy meeting we look at your future business objectives and work on a plan to ensure that your technology helps you on the way to meeting those goals.

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